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About P3K

P3K, originally Prig 3000, and formally, Prig3k, was created in December 1999. Throughout the years, the goal of the website was to provide an insight of my interests, hobbies, and reviews of various products or other forms of entertainment.

I joined the E/N (Entertainment/News or Everything/Nothing) scene in 1999, when I was 14. The site has gone through numerous changes, with various services such as the Prig eXchange, Prig’s Select 124, Prig’s Sweet 16, and much more. P3K was once known for the vast amount of files (over 1000+) available to download. To this date, P3K has served well over 50 million pageviews.

However since going off to college in 2004, my time became pretty limited and I almost lost complete interest in the website. However, 4 years later, now 2008, I have once again gained interest and know the direction I want to push the website in.

My goal with this change is to keep up with the website better and try to have some fresh content that will appeal to everyone.