Site Updates

WordPress Upgrade Successful… Kinda

Alright so I’ve been updating about a half dozen websites (for work) to WordPress 3.0 after the last couple days, checking to make sure everything is ok. Every single site has worked flawlessly until I upgraded my own personal blog. […]

Lack of Updates

Let me apologize for the lack of updates the past couple of months. Every few weeks I’ve been traveling and just losing track of time. Been using it to just relax and catch up with friends or just with life […]


I prematurely made a post about a new design coming to the site. In the process of getting it ready for launch there was a huuuge flaw. That delayed the schedule.  It might get pushed back by a couple of […]

10 Year Anniversary

My site has now been up for 10 years. Many changes have been made over the years. Who knew this site would still be up 10 years later? I’ve been toying around with some ideas, designs, and features for the […]

General Maintenance & New Shot

I’ve been doing some general maintenance around the site. Trying to get everything back in working order. I have to figure out a better way to organize all my hot shots. The menu is getting too long. In the mean […]