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Daily Visits

Below are some of my favorites sites that I visit on a regular basis. I like to know what’s going on in the guy world, the real world, and the electronic world at any given second of the day. These sites will help you meet that need.

TheBachelorGuy.comThe Bachelor Guy (visit)

The Bachelor Guy is the guy’s guide to being a guy. Everything from fitness, cooking, liquor & beer, to sex, hot girls, and more. What else could a guy one?

Digg (visit)

Digg is the most popular user submitted website on the net. Everything from news articles, images, and video, are submitted by its users, and is then voted to appear on the front page.

Engadget (visit)

Engadget is one of the leading websites for consumer products. It’s a great site to visit if you like to check out the hottest electronics around.

Gizmodo (visit)

Just like Engadget, Gizmodo is another great website with consumer products. These two sites cover it all. What one doesn’t have, the other does.

InterfaceLIFT (visit)

Does your desktop need a face lift? Head over here for some sick wallpapers. Almost all the wallpapers I have used within the past year, I have gotten from this website.

Lifehacker (visit)

Lifehacker is a combination of great downloads to make your life easier and real-life “life hacks” to make your life simpler.