May or May Not be Going to Hell for This

Anyone else find this funny…? Today, at Wal Mart, I saw a guy taping a sign that read “Hide & seek world champs!” over the lost children board. I chased him out of the store, then came back to take […]

Show Me Your Creepy Face

We all have a creepy face. I won’t post mine because I’m afraid my visitor count will go down… But I’ll share a site with you that allows you to see other peoples! Check out CreepyFaces.com! Be sure to post […]

NSFW: 210 ‘WTF Were They Thinking’?

Alright, here’s one that is probably not safe for work. Here’s 210 ‘WTF Were They Thinking’ Tattoos. Some aren’t THAT bad. Some are creative. Others, well, don’t they realize its permanent? Check ’em out.

America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent starts tonight. Catch it on NBC. You going to tune in?

Tattoo Body Map

Before you get inked, you should take a look at the Tattoo Body Map. This map will show you that their is a methodology to tattoo placement. Take good notes and try to think straight next time you’re drunk out […]

America’s Best Selling Car

What is America’s Best selling car? It’s not the Ford F150, Honda Accord, or the Toyota Camry… Take a guess, now see if you’re right.