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Did You Know: Social Media

Bright Future

What’s better than a drunk 4 year-old roaming the streets and stealing christmas presents? Nothing! Hah! Check this out.

10 Year Anniversary

My site has now been up for 10 years. Many changes have been made over the years. Who knew this site would still be up 10 years later? I’ve been toying around with some ideas, designs, and features for the […]

Live Young

Dancing babies is the latest rage. When you strap skates to them, you got yourself an instant hit!

Tom Joins Facebook

Tom Joins Facebook

Everyone is on Facebook… your childhood best friend, your doctor, and even your mom. Tom, of MySpace, has recently joined. Lets see how he’s enjoying it…

Top Five Weirdest 90’s Sitcom Sidekicks

You may have been too falling in love with Topanga Lawrence to notice, but 90’s TV was weird, man. Here’s a brief review of five sitcom sidekicks that truly out-weirded the rest.