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Level Vodka

The Story:
Nothing special with this shot. Anyone can master this shot, all you need is a bottle of Level Vodka. I must say I have overlooked this vodka for many years as its made by Absolut but it is pegged as their “premium” vodka. How much different can it be if its made by the same company but just cost more? I was clearly wrong on this thinking. Level is Absolut’s answer to Grey Goose. However, Level is their to kick Grey Goose’s feathered-ass, and it does a damn good job.

So what’s so special about it? It’s probably the smoothest vodka I’ve ever had. It’s an easy shot to take.

•Level Vodka

How to Take It:
No tricks here. Pour straight from the bottle. I recommend getting it chilled. Nothing to it. Available at almost any bar.

Rating: ★★★★★