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Speed Test is Back

One of the things that I got rid of with the new site was the bandwidth test. Mostly because it was fairly ugly and outdated. Luckily, has provided website owners with their own product that is quite attractive, and […]

Bill Gates Bids Farewell To Microsoft

Today marks the end of an era. read more

Superman is Now A Ball Girl

I have watched this clip at least a half a dozen times, and I swear its gotta be fake. If not, this chick must have planned that catch for years… If I’ve only learned a thing or two from […]

Fully Tweaked

What’s up everyone? Imagine that, 3 posts in a matter of a few days, def. different then what my usual visitors are used to. I’m going to try and keep this up as much as possible. Anywho, I’ve noticed a […]

Don’t Be THAT Guy

What’s up everyone? So far everything is going smoothly with the new site. I’ve been testing out a few things here and there. I’m kinda upset that my graduation speaker didn’t perform their speech like this. Instead I had Lisa Ling […]

Welcome back to P3K

First off, I would like to welcome everyone back to P3K. If this is your first time at my site, I welcome you and hope you enjoy your time here. My site has been around for roughly 9 years, and […]