Comparing Apple’s with… Apple’s?

Ok, so we all hate our cellphone companies. I can’t find one person who has had a great experience with their cellphone company. Just when you think one company has it all, they will end up back stabbing their customers in one way or another. Here’s an interesting tidbit:

“Check out the prices for a text message plan on AT&T, the exclusive carrier of the iPhone 3G in the United States. AT&T wants twenty cents ($0.20) per text message if you don’t sign up for a plan. A text message is nothing more than 160 bytes of data. The max is 160 characters, and one character equals one byte of data. Great.

In other words, if AT&T charged data downloads at the rate they charge text messages downloading 1MB of data would cost you $1,310.72.” –

So, once again, we’re all getting screwed. Shouldn’t we all just be paying for data plans and that’s it?

 Honestly, who wouldn’t want to be Knocked Up by this guy? Or how about The Terminator staring Ryan Seacrest? Clearly he could kick a lot of ass… or atleast talk someone to death.

Last, but not least, here’s a list of things you can still do while driving. Here in Connecticut it is illegal to drive while using a cellphone. While I might not agree with that law, I do agree texting can be fairly dangerous. I’ve almost managed to take down a tree or two in the process. However, last summer I had to travel about 45 minutes each day to my internship. I saw a lot of interesting things people do while behind the wheel. I’ve seen people brushing their teeth (where do you spit?), shave, and read the newspaper. I usually tend to tailgate these people, because clearly they are the safest people on the road.

Alright, I’m out.


Some New Stuff

I’ve been pretty busy trying to get some new content up. As you can see with the post below, the Speed Test was added yesterday. Prig’s Digg’s is also new. That page will show you the last 10 stories I dugg on Digg.

Also, there are new shots listed under Hot Shots. New shots include: Buttery Nipple, Kahlua, Patron XO Cafe, Van Gogh Black Cherry, and Van Gogh Double Espresso.

About 12 more shots will be added soon. All Absolut. I was going to create a seperate section for Absolut since its more of a passion/hobby of mine, but I might reconsider that idea. I need to sleep on it and see what I can come up with. I believe that’s all for the new pages this weekend.

Anyone happy/pissed that Spain won the Euro Cup? I didn’t really care either way as Italy got kicked out in the semi’s. Oh well…

I will leave you with this. Our generation in about 50 years…


Speed Test is Back

One of the things that I got rid of with the new site was the bandwidth test. Mostly because it was fairly ugly and outdated. Luckily, has provided website owners with their own product that is quite attractive, and probably more accurate. So… check it out!

Here’s my results.

Prig's Results

Leave your results in the comments. Who’s got the fastest ISP out there?


Bill Gates Bids Farewell To Microsoft

Today marks the end of an era.

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Superman is Now A Ball Girl

I have watched this clip at least a half a dozen times, and I swear its gotta be fake. If not, this chick must have planned that catch for years…

If I’ve only learned a thing or two from its that front flips, just don’t always turn out well. This kid on the other hand… I think he forgot why he was jumping off that ladder in the first place. From my flipping experience, I would practice on a trampoline, a pool, or a mat first. If you can’t land it there… have fun eating grass.

I must say I’m a reality TV whore. I don’t know what it is, but I enjoy watching other people make asses out of themselves on TV for others. One such show would be Tila Tequila’s, A Shot at Love. The second season is coming to an end next week, but this article on Digg actually made me wonder, just why is Tila Tequila famous? Luckily… I can now sleep at ease at night knowing that my question has been answered. Thank you Holy Taco…

Last, but not least, I appreciate you guys clicking on the ads. Soon, I will be able to buy myself one of these luxury cars, without any guilt. I’m just a few hundred (thousand) clicks away from sitting in the frontseat of one of those Mercedes.


Fully Tweaked

What’s up everyone? Imagine that, 3 posts in a matter of a few days, def. different then what my usual visitors are used to. I’m going to try and keep this up as much as possible.

Anywho, I’ve noticed a few users signing up. That’s great. Hopefully some people will start leaving some comments soon. Maybe start some battles, eh? Also, if you have a suggestion for my site, feel free to drop a suggestion in my suggestion box.

I’m looking for some affiliates. So if you have a site, trade links with me. As long as your site isn’t your personal porn collection or have anything illegal, hit me up.

I posted a few new flash games. So be sure to check that out. There’s 50 states, which is basically a geography test. Those damn mid-west states screw me up all the time. Then there’s Burger Tycoon. That game is pretty sick. You run an entire corporation, from the slaughter house to the burger joint. Last, there’s a stupid test. Don’t think too hard, or your score will drop.

That’s all for right now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.