Netflix CEO: we’ll offer streaming-only plan by 2010

Netflix, the company that has brought the DVD’s to you will be offering a streaming-only plan by 2010. This is great news for Xbox 360 and TiVo owners who currently use the service to watch their favorite movies on demand. […]

Sirius XM Might Bite The Dust

In regards to my last post it appears that Sirius XM might be preparing for bankruptcy. It has hired advisers to prepare for a possible bankruptcy filing, people involved in the process said. That would, of course, be a grim […]

Good News! I’m Wrong!

Ok my last post I mentioned that the whole Digital TV transition was going to be pushed back to June. Well the bill didn’t pass the house. So this is one of the cases where I’m happy that I’m wrong. […]

Digital TV Transition Officially Delayed

Are you ready for the switch to digital TV? Chances are, yes. Over 90% of people know what exactly is taking place February 17th. Unfortunately, the Digital TV Transition has been delayed according to Engadget. For the millions of Americans […]

Last Major VHS Supplier Calls it Quits

It’s office, the last major VHS supplier has called it quits and will no longer produce VHS tapes. Seems like a wise idea. I mean honestly, who still owns a VCR, and for the people who do, how often do […]

Duplicating Keys via Distant Digital Images

Beware of flashing your keys in public. Computer scientists at the University of California at San Diego have developed software that can make a duplicate of a key from just a distant photo of it using technology available to almost […]