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In no way am I suggestion that is something new. Dropbox has been around since 2007 and has been offering a generous amount of free space to anyone who signs up. Why am I suggestion you use Dropbox? How […]

Data courtesy the CWA

U.S. States with the Fastest Broadband

How does your state rank? I live in CT and ranked #9. Not bad, I know from personal tests that my speed is faster than average, so I’m stoked! Read more about the study.

Internet Explorer: Microsoft does Funny

Well Internet Explorer 8 is out, and Microsoft is turning out some decent commercials for it. A LOT better than the commercials with the dynamic duo of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld months ago.

Why Texts Are Short

Ever wonder why text messages are limited to 160 characters? Well I have the answer for you! As he went along, Hillebrand counted the number of letters, numbers, punctuation marks and spaces on the page. Each blurb ran on for […]

Hello Long Island, Cablevision Loves You

After meeting the majority of people who reside in Long Island while I was in college, I had never planned to step foot on that “island”. However, I may be ripping up the foundation of my home and moving to […]

New iPod Shuffle

Apple quietly released a new iPod Shuffle today. Check it out here. Smaller form-factor and now holds more songs. I believe the last Shuffle topped out at 2 GB. The new Shuffle’s have 4 GB of space, enough for 1000 […]