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Most Common Facebook Photos

Are you guilty of any of the following profile picture stereotypes? I plead the fifth… How about you?

MySpace Closing atleast 4 Offices Outside U.S.

Yes, more good news for the social media giant! MySpace proposes international restructuring. MySpace says reducing myspace’s international staff from 450 employees toabout 150 employees. More here.

MySpace Slashes 30% of Staff

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my dislike for MySpace once or twice over the years. Well here’s another nail in the coffin… I’d spring for a nail gun for them. MySpace, once the undisputed leader in social networking and the most […]

Bill Gates’ Facebook Profile

Bill Gates’ Facebook Profile

Who isn’t on Facebook these days. Here’s a sneak peek at Bill Gates’ profile… 😉 Want to see Steve Jobs, Elvis, or Hillary Clinton’s profile? PC World is here to hook you up!

Facebook Announces Upcoming Changes In Response To User Feedback

Ok, I’m sure you have all seen the latest updates to Facebook. Like the majority of users, they don’t like it at all. Well since Facebook has its head on straight and semi-understands what its users want, you’ll soon get […]

Facebook Announces New Homepages

Today was a big day for Facebook. It announced a slew of new features. One feature that will particularly affect users is the new homepage. Read all about it before it goes live! Facebook today announced a major update to […]