Personal Life

New Laptop and Some Updates

Alrighty, once again, if you’re here for the first time, or just joining me after a haitus, P3K has changed its look. Hope you all like it, because I do. Right now I’m fixing up a few pages that were […]

Waiting on my Baby

Posts might be a little sparse of the next week or so. I’m about to get a new laptop any day now (whenever UPS decides to grace me with their prescence), and I’ll probaly go MIA for a few days […]

Black Friday and BlackBerry’s

Well Black Friday has come and gone. Anyone get anything cool? Nothing really caught my eye. I did go to a few stores and checked out what was on sale. I ended up picking up a few DVD’s… Forgetting Sarah […]

HD Overload

I’m trying my best to keep up with posting and managing my new working life. Kinda tough, but my body is slowly adjusting to the new schedule. Overall, work is going well. Learning a lot of cool stuff and its […]

Real World, I’m HERE!

Today was my first day of work post-college. Went pretty smoothly. But after staring at paperwork all day and not having an access to a computer to do anything, I’m pretty drained. Give me a day or two to get […]

Busy… Busy…

Sorry for the lack of updates. Recently I’ve been doing some work as a freelance researcher. Basically, I’m doing some research for an insurance website for a future article. It’s pretty mind-numbing and kills my energy levels… But whatcha going […]