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‘TGIF’ Stars: Where Are They Now?

Ignore this post if you’re under the age of 15 or over the age of 35 as most of these people are probably irrelevant to you. Check out this gallery of popular TGIF stars and what they’re up to these […]

Famous Logos with Hidden Images

Check out these popular company logo’s. They all have something hidden in their logo. For example, FedEx has an arrow between the E and x. I just found that out a few weeks ago and had my mind blown. Any […]

How Small Cutbacks Lead to Great Savings

I found this infographic pretty handy. My parents just recently did an energy-efficiency audit on their house and a few of these tips were brought up. Personal Finances from Quicken

What Swimming Pools Cost

Beat the heat this holiday weekend and chill by the pool. Check out these cool facts on pool ownership costs across the U.S. Click the image to enlargeSource: Swimming Pool Costs at Fixr

After the Taliban, Back to Normal…

I found this to be a good read… When the Taliban ran Afghanistan, they destroyed idols, refused to educate women, and even forbade kite-flying. After the Americans unseated them in 2001, Afghans slowly began recovering the basic freedoms that strict […]

95 Website to Check Out

Check out this article packed with 95 websites worth checking out. Sites are broken down into 6 categories: Best sites for learning, entertainment, troubleshooting, sharing, creatives, and most enjoyable sites. You should be able to find at least one new […]