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In no way am I suggestion that is something new. Dropbox has been around since 2007 and has been offering a generous amount of free space to anyone who signs up.

Why am I suggestion you use Dropbox? How many times have you needed access to your documents, but you left your flash drive at home? How many times have you lost said flash drive? Put all that in the past and sign up for 2 gb’s of FREE space to backup your documents. If 2 GB’s of space isn’t enough for you, Dropbox offers a few other packages to fit your needs.

Uploading your documents is just the beginning, you can have Dropbox sync various folders on your computer with the service so you don’t have to manually upload each file after every change you make. To fully break down and illustrate the features of Dropbox, check out the video below.

Also as a bonus of registering through the link provided below. Both you and I will receive an addition 250 MB of storage. Woohoo!!!

Have I convinced you yet? Sign up and get your extra 250 of space!