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When Nerds Come Together…

Just another reason why you need to buy a iPhone or a iPad this holiday season. I’m already practicing and making recording my demo!

North Korea, Crazier Than We Thought

We all know North Korea is a little wacky, but just how wacky is it over there? Check this out. Via:

“Down On Me” by Keenan Cahill

Alrighty, so I posted this video by Keenan Cahill a few months back of him singing “What Hurts the Most” by Cascada… He’s got quite a collection of video’s. But this video has a special draw, he’s got a surprise […]

We’re Going to Disney World!!!

Usually most kids get wicked excited about going to Disney World… except these 3 kids. What’s their problem? I’m 25 years old and I would still get stoked if my parents took me there.

Double Bonus: Girl Goes Crazy Over Webcam Software

So, a girl gets a new webcam, and starts playing with the software. No, you’re not about to watch some porn… sorry. Most of us have fooled around with the settings before, but I don’t think anyone has ever posted […]

Nike – Lebron Rise

Check out Nike’s latest commercial with everyone’s favorite athlete, Lebron James.