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Tom Joins Facebook

Tom Joins Facebook

Everyone is on Facebook… your childhood best friend, your doctor, and even your mom. Tom, of MySpace, has recently joined. Lets see how he’s enjoying it…

Top Five Weirdest 90’s Sitcom Sidekicks

You may have been too falling in love with Topanga Lawrence to notice, but 90’s TV was weird, man. Here’s a brief review of five sitcom sidekicks that truly out-weirded the rest.

General Maintenance & New Shot

I’ve been doing some general maintenance around the site. Trying to get everything back in working order. I have to figure out a better way to organize all my hot shots. The menu is getting too long. In the mean […]


I’m sure we’ve all been as drunk as this guy… right? I couldn’t even imagine the hangover this guy must have had.

Pixar: Beware of Adorable, Homicidal Lamps

How Its Made: Dell Lollipop Commercial

Have you seen the Dell “Lollipop” commercial? I’m sure you have if you watch mainstream TV. Well here’s a cool video that shows you behind the scenes of how the commercial was made.