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Large Dead Snake

This snake is absolutely huge… holy crap.

20 Biggest Car Fails of All Time

There’s some great cars out there. But with some great models, come some ugly step sisters. Check out this top 20 list of the Biggest Car Fails of All Time. Yes, the Pontiac Aztec is on it.

10 Facts About Memorial Day

So what is Memorial Day all about? Thanks to CNN, we got answers! It started with the Civil War General Logan made it official It was first known as Decoration Day Read all 10 facts about Memorial Day here…

Good News from the Auto Industry

Finally there’s some good news from the auto industry. OnStar says the way it notifies emergency responders in accidents has helped save more lives–and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) agrees. The CDC has published a study of two years’ […]

Lebron is King

Vancouver Olympic Torch Illegal in 50 States

Check out the Vancouver Olympic Torch. Tell me you haven’t smoked seen that before…