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Sick at Home

I knew it was coming. Yesterday I was feeling kind of iffy, and this morning I woke up feeling like utter crap. Just couldn’t hold out until the weekend. One of the benefits of being sick while working in the real world is sick days. Tell me getting paid to nap and nurse yourself is not like some kind of incentive to get sick? Now we’ll just have to weigh being sick and getting paid and actually doing work, being healthy, and getting paid. Tough decisions here. But the good news is, I’m feeling a little bit better.

I’ve been doing a few things here and there on the website. I’m trying to relocate the ads because I think Google ads is interfering with the menu. I’ll keep looking into a solution for that. On every page, there is now a Share button. Before I had something similar just on the main page for each blog post, but I replaced it with a newer service and is now found on every page. WOO!

Last project that I’m working on right now is improving the comment system. Def. a work in progress, but we’ll see what I can come up with. So until my next post, stay healthy and have fun.