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Facebook Announces Upcoming Changes In Response To User Feedback

Ok, I’m sure you have all seen the latest updates to Facebook. Like the majority of users, they don’t like it at all. Well since Facebook has its head on straight and semi-understands what its users want, you’ll soon get what you’re missing right now.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll see soon…

Live Stream

When Facebook announced the new design a couple weeks ago, they suggested that there would be a “real-time feed” and many users expected that to mean that the feed would be streaming without being forced to refresh the page. Users will now have the option to stream the the content in real-time similar to the way that the previous “live feed” was displayed.

Photo Tags

As a couple commenters articulated in my article earlier today about granular feed filters, there was plenty of content which was not displaying in the primary feed. Stories related to friends that were tagged in photos will now show up in the primary feed.

Granular Feed Filters

I wrote about the concept of granular feed filters only hours ago and it appears that Facebook will be implementing some of these filters which includes the ability to filter out specific application content. Don’t want to hear about your friend who just took a quiz about which Sex in the City character they are? No worries, you won’t have to hear about that anymore

And there’s more…! This is why Facebook has an opportunity to stick for awhile unlike Friendster and Myspace.