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F My Friday

Friday is here again. Time to start off the weekend on the right foot… and not like some of these other people…

Today, I had to make a family tree for one of my classes. When I was going through it, I realized that both my parents have the same last name. So, I asked them about it and they told me that they are second cousins. FML

Today, I had sex with my girlfriend. Being the stud that I am, after a short time I turned to her and said “You think you’re ready for a round two?” She replied “No, but I do think I’m ready for the rest of round one.”  FML

Today, friends threw me a party for finishing my dissertation. I’ve worked on it for months. They carried my computer downstairs to have music, dropping it halfway. My work was on there. Only back-up? On my flash drive I just found on the floor, crushed by someone’s foot. It’s due tomorrow. FML

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