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Netbooks & Life in General

Alright so about a month ago I got a new laptop. I love it to death. I thought I would use my older Dell here and there, but honestly, I turned it on about two times since then. So, I’m considering selling it and getting myself a netbook.

If you don’t know what a netbook is, its basically a tiny laptop usually 8 to 10 inches that’s used generally for surfing the net. They really aren’t that powerful so there’s really not much use for them to do anything else. Plus, they are dirt cheap, you can get a decent one for about $250-400. The last few weeks I’ve been tossing around the idea of picking one up.

The two models I’m considering are the HP Mini 1000 and the Dell Mini 9. Both are priced fairly similar. My friend’s dad actually has the HP Mini 1000 so I got to play around with that for a bit this past weekend. It’s pretty well built and overall a solid machine. Unfortunently I don’t believe I’ll get to play around with the Dell Mini 9 as they aren’t sold in stores… So if anyone has any experience with either, post a comment and tell me your thoughts.

Anywho, with my current job I just created a new job for my technology department. It goes live tomorrow but we had a test run with employee’s a few days ago. Its pretty different running a website for a company then a website for yourself. Mostly because you get a lot more feedback and a wide range of idea’s. It’s also has expanded my programming abilities as I’ve been editing add-ons like crazy to get things to work the way I want them too. Overall, a good experience and really expanding my experience with WordPress.

What else, what else… I went back to Quinnipiac (where I graduated from) over the weekend for the big game. QU vs. Yale. My friends and I splurged on some luxury box seats and had the time of our lives. Nothing better than a ridiculous buffet and a top shelf open bar. I rubbed elbows with the president, actually I almost took him out coming out of the bathroom… but minor details right there.

So, that sums up my life in a nutshell. Stay tuned for some new stuff.