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F My Life

I just came across F My Life. Pretty entertaining site to say the least… Here are some good examples of funny quotes you’ll find…

“Today, Thinking I’m being very generous I lend my jacket to my new co-worker. I maybe should have checked my pockets before, I’m not sure that the fact of having 3 different flavors of condoms made a good impression.”

“Today, whilst clearing the table at my parents in laws house, I gave a little smack to my wife who was rummaging through the fridge. It was her mom.”

“Today, as I do every morning, I woke up and gave my dog, who sleeps next to me, a kiss on the nose. Except that this morning he had been sleeping the other way round. I kissed him on the arse.”

Check out F My Life for more. Remember, if you think your life sucks, someone else out there has you beat.