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Black Friday and BlackBerry’s

Well Black Friday has come and gone. Anyone get anything cool? Nothing really caught my eye. I did go to a few stores and checked out what was on sale. I ended up picking up a few DVD’s… Forgetting Sarah Marshall ($9 at Target), Mr. and Mrs. Smith ($4/$5 at BestBuy), and I Am Legend ($17 at BestBuy, Blu-ray version). So not too shabby.

So now that the Christmas season has finally come, I guess I should make my Christmas list and start my Christmas shopping. Usually I’m a little more organized than this… crap.

I got a BlackBerry Curve on Wednesday. My whol family switched over to Verizon. They ended up sending us 9 cellphone’s instead of 5… The activiation process was NOT fun as I had to ifigure out which were the right cellphone’s to activate. The Curve is pretty sweet, took me awhile to get used to everything, but I’m getting pretty good at using it. However, I only have it until my BlackBerry Storm arrives… which should be in a week or so.  Can’t wait for that.

Anyways, I really haven’t posted any funny video’s inawhile… Here’s a few to remind you of how awesome college is.

As funny as this video is, you should NEVER interfere with a girl getting ready for a night out… You may laugh now, but payback is a bitch… A huuuuuge bitch.

Everyone knows that your college bed is where you do the most work. You gotta pimp it out. But sometimes roommates get jealous of your cool bed…

This is why I’m glad I never went to a college with an engineering program. You never know what might just happen when you come back to your dorm. Thank god for imcompetent business students!

Mmm… that looked like it tickled a bit.