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Netflix Watch Instantly coming to TiVo

Well, here’s some good news for TiVo owners. Soon you’ll be able to watch movies from Netflix on your TiVo, instantly. No more waiting for the mail man to arrive with those red envelopes.

Unfortunately for me, I have a series 2 TiVo, so that means I won’t be able to enjoy this feature unless I upgrade to a TiVo Series 3 or a TiVo HD.

So how much will this cost you? Well standard TiVo service is approximately $12 a month. In order to enjoy the Netflix Watch Instantly service, you’ll have to put down an additional $8.99 a month for the Netflix service. That’s the price for the 1-DVD at a time plan. So, if you enjoy either one of these services, adding the other is worth it. has posted the official announcement from TiVo and Netflix. Be sure to read it to find out more information on this new service.