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Strategic Trick-or-Treating

A few days ago I posted a story on what NOT to dress up as for Halloween. By now you should have an idea of what you’re going to be for Halloween as it’s a week from Friday. If you’re really prepared, you have probably put together most of your costume, tried it on a few times, and maybe gone through a dry run around the ole neighborhood… if not, good.

Now, you have to plan the big night! You just have one night to get as much candy as possible. When else can you go up to a complete stranger’s (legally I must endorse that you visit only people you know…) door, ring the door bell, and get something for it (besides a punch in the face)? Perhaps the worst part is, you have a short time to do it all in. There’s only so much area you can cover. But here’s something to help you plan your night. has posted an article on how to get the most candy you can possibly get in a limited time span. They go into great detail on how to dress, how to travel, and where (not) to go. From personal experience condo complexes are great. Ring a few door bells at a time and stand in between the doors. And remember, neighborhoods with houses closer together are better, as it means less walking time in between houses.

So with these guidelines, you should be ready for the most successful night of candy grabbing, ever.