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Site Update: New Flash Games and RSS Feed

Few new things on the site tonight. I figured I’ve been a little lazy lately and I don’t really have a good excuse for it… so I thought I would add a few things.

First off, on the tabs on the top, you’ll notice a link to the RSS feed for this site. The feed has always been here, just had to find it for yourself before today…

Next, I’ve added two flash games. First, DuckNCover. It’s kind of like Duck Hunt, except the birds can attack and crap on you. Second game is Test Your Patience. It’s another one of those games to piss you off with stupid questions.

Lastly, I have two new affiliates that you should go check out. NBHQ is a site I’ve been partnered with since the good ole days. His blog is back with a fresh look. So go check him out. Then there is Easy Does It University. Another great blog with a little bit of everything to entertain you.

Anyways, it’s Saturday night and I’m off to the bar with the guys for a bit. Enjoy the long weekend.