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Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Rumors

Alright, take all this with a grain of salt… maybe a spoonful of salt. But this is some pretty sweet news if you’re a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

According to

There are talks of Captain Jack having a brother in the next movie, possibly to be played by Sacha Baron Cohen (perfect!) or Russell Brand (even more perfect!) Of course, that’s probably just fantasy casting, but why would either of those comedians turn the role down? As we’ve mentioned before, the new movie might kick off a trilogy, which would revolve around Captain Jack’s search for the Fountain of Youth.” –

And the last part of good news, Tim Burton might be directing the new film. If you’re unfamiliar with Burton, climb out of your hole and read up on what masterpieces this guy has done.

And fret no more, Johnny Depp is returning and apparently is getting paid $55.8 million upfront… Who said we were in a recession?