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Music Video: Lollipop – Framing Hanley

I’m sure you have all heard Lil Wayne’s song Lollipop. It has graced the airwaves for a few month’s recently (not so much anymore). Framing Hanley has come out with a rock version of the song. It’s wicked sick. Lyrics […]

Netflix Watch Instantly coming to TiVo

Well, here’s some good news for TiVo owners. Soon you’ll be able to watch movies from Netflix on your TiVo, instantly. No more waiting for the mail man to arrive with those red envelopes. Unfortunately for me, I have a […]

15 Hot New Technologies That Will Change Everything just came out with a great article on 15 new technologies to look forward to. It’s a great read and includes technologies like USB 3.0, Google’s OS, and Microsoft’s future OS, Windows 7. So be in the know, and […]

Busy… Busy…

Sorry for the lack of updates. Recently I’ve been doing some work as a freelance researcher. Basically, I’m doing some research for an insurance website for a future article. It’s pretty mind-numbing and kills my energy levels… But whatcha going […]

Tina Fey and Will Ferrell on SNL

Just watch…

Strategic Trick-or-Treating

A few days ago I posted a story on what NOT to dress up as for Halloween. By now you should have an idea of what you’re going to be for Halloween as it’s a week from Friday. If you’re […]