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Weekly Poll and Other Stuff

Alrighty, here’s a post about what’s going on with the site. Today, I did some back-end work. I found a plug-in that backs up my site daily and e-mails me the database backup. Gotta love WordPress. Without it, this site wouldn’t be here. It controls everything on this site, the pages, the posts, the user system, everything.

Now for the front-end. ThereĀ is now a (semi) weekly poll. Each week or so I will post a new poll. It may have to do with this site or anything else in general. You can also leave your thoughts about the poll too. This week’s poll is whether or not I should include a forum on the site. Be sure to cast your vote.

I also have a Wii video game review in the works. I figured if I mentioned it now, I will stop procrastinating and get the damn thing done.