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iPod Nano 4G Case Found

Supposedly the new iPod Nano 4G case has been found in the wild. What can we gather from this? We can begin to picture what the new body of the upcoming Nano will look like.

From the picture that can be seen here, it looks like the Nano is returning to its roots and losing its weight. It will have a slimmer frame compared to the short and stubby Nano on shelves now. The current Nano threw me off guard when it first came out. It just didn’t catch my eye. But looking at the upcoming design, I releazied that the short and fat, err… chode-like, form may be its best yet. Why? It has a 2-inch screen, its typical touch-wheel, jam packed with little room for anything else. Plus, it fits in your pocket with everything else you need to carry around.

Traditionally new iPod’s are released every September. Just in time to get everyone stoked about one before the holiday’s. I’m sure Apple isn’t going to steer away from this methodology. If my memory serves me right, Apple will be announcing its new products in the next week or so. I remember getting my iPod Touch right before my birthday last year (Sept. 24th, better start shopping for me).

So, should we be marking our calenders? Will we see something that we just gotta have? I already have 3 iPod’s, so for me to buy a 4th, it needs to have something my other 3 iPod’s┬ácan’t offer. Only time will tell.