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1 Month Anniversary… Kinda

So the site has been up for 1 month (and a day). I’ve been trying to keep up with posting every other day. Some times more, sometimes less, depending on my writer’s block. Hits have been steady. It’s rough getting my site to other’s because I don’t have the affiliate base I once had or the means of advertising…

Back in 1999-2002 there were button exchanges, topsites, and whole bunch of other advertising methods… all which brought in decent hits. So I’ll have to do some research and see what else I can do to expand my reach.

As always, I’m looking for affiliates. If you want to trade links, then let me know. My newest affiliate is┬áso go check out his site.

Also, if you remember one of my past posts, I mentioned how you can get your own custom photo playing cards for $3. Well mine arrived on Friday. I got some cards made up for my college friend’s. They came out really well.

Anywho, I’m off to eat breakfast and perhaps get some work done on the new section. Be sure to leave some comments on what you want to see on my site.