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Life of the Unemployed

So being unemployed isn’t all that bad. I haven’t worked since I graduated college… so its been over 2 month’s now. Started out kinda rough just trying to find things to do every day. But now I have a routine down. Granted I’m not the most productive, but it will do until I get my first job. Also, this site wouldn’t be back if I didn’t have all that free time on my hands.

Anyways, there’s a new shot under Hot Shots, it’s the Washington Red Apple. This weekend when you’re out, give it a try.

What I miss about college is the random things we would do at night. Granted I can’t say my dorm ever did anything as cool as this…

Who thinks of these things? Simple idea, but it takes a lot of work to get the finished product. I would be more apt to do a prank like this…

Simple, but wicked sweet. Anyways… my dinner just got off the grill. Weekend is almost here for the folks that DO work… so hang in there.