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Happy 4th of July (almost)

Happy 4th… I know its early, but who’s going to be online tomorrow? Take the day off and enjoy the weather, friends, family, and food.

One new addition to the site today. Under Prig’s Favs, there’s a new page called Money Saving Websites. This page has some of my favorite websites I use that save money when shopping online. One such site is They have a great cashback program. Doesn’t cost anything to signup and there are hundreds of merchants online you can earn cash back with. I’ve been using it for a few years now and my account is up to $140 already.

I don’t know about you, but some of the people I hang out with regularly on the 4th always have some sort of fireworks. Granted most fireworks are illegal here in Connecticut, but its only a short drive to New Hampshire to pick up some quality explosives. It seems like every year one of these fireworks falls on its side and aims toward a house or a person. That adds some spice and makes you a little paranoid also. You cautiously move your lawn chair back an extra 10 feet. Anyone know how fast a firework travels? Will I have any reaction time whatsoever? Hmm…

Anywho… I’m rethinking a few sections on here. I know I need to get more tabs up on top. It’s fairly bare and at first glance looks like I have absolutely no content if you don’t click on anything. So I have to find something major.

So until then enjoy a cold beer, or a shot, and enjoy this movie on why America Rules and England Sucks.