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Comparing Apple’s with… Apple’s?

Ok, so we all hate our cellphone companies. I can’t find one person who has had a great experience with their cellphone company. Just when you think one company has it all, they will end up back stabbing their customers in one way or another. Here’s an interesting tidbit:

“Check out the prices for a text message plan on AT&T, the exclusive carrier of the iPhone 3G in the United States. AT&T wants twenty cents ($0.20) per text message if you don’t sign up for a plan. A text message is nothing more than 160 bytes of data. The max is 160 characters, and one character equals one byte of data. Great.

In other words, if AT&T charged data downloads at the rate they charge text messages downloading 1MB of data would cost you $1,310.72.” –

So, once again, we’re all getting screwed. Shouldn’t we all just be paying for data plans and that’s it?

 Honestly, who wouldn’t want to be Knocked Up by this guy? Or how about The Terminator staring Ryan Seacrest? Clearly he could kick a lot of ass… or atleast talk someone to death.

Last, but not least, here’s a list of things you can still do while driving. Here in Connecticut it is illegal to drive while using a cellphone. While I might not agree with that law, I do agree texting can be fairly dangerous. I’ve almost managed to take down a tree or two in the process. However, last summer I had to travel about 45 minutes each day to my internship. I saw a lot of interesting things people do while behind the wheel. I’ve seen people brushing their teeth (where do you spit?), shave, and read the newspaper. I usually tend to tailgate these people, because clearly they are the safest people on the road.

Alright, I’m out.