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Some New Stuff

I’ve been pretty busy trying to get some new content up. As you can see with the post below, the Speed Test¬†was added yesterday. Prig’s Digg’s is also new. That page will show you the last 10 stories I dugg on Digg.

Also, there are new shots listed under Hot Shots. New shots include: Buttery Nipple, Kahlua, Patron XO Cafe, Van Gogh Black Cherry, and Van Gogh Double Espresso.

About 12 more shots will be added soon. All Absolut. I was going to create a seperate section for Absolut since its more of a passion/hobby of mine, but I might reconsider that idea. I need to sleep on it and see what I can come up with. I believe that’s all for the new pages this weekend.

Anyone happy/pissed that Spain won the Euro Cup? I didn’t really care either way as Italy got kicked out in the semi’s. Oh well…

I will leave you with this. Our generation in about 50 years…